Banho de Flores

Eu sou luz, Leite e Flores, A cama
• Revisao das Fotos com o fotografo
• 10 Imagens de alta Resolucao.
• Livro com 40 paginas
•Mais de 150 imagens com as cores corrigidas ( limpesaza de pele e ajuste de silhueta cobrado a parte.

Pacote 2


Tudo do Pacote 1 +

Pé na Estrada

• Revisao das Fotos com o fotógrafo
• 15 Imagens de alta Resolucao.
Livro com 60 paginas
•Mais de 180 imagens com as cores corrigidas ( limpesaza de pele e ajuste de silhueta cobrado a parte.

Pacote 3


Pacote 1 + Pacote 2
Cabelo e Maquiagem
Um Ensaio de Portrait Contemporâneo
Ensaio na Água
Livro com 80 páginas
• Revisão das Fotos com o fotografo
• 20 Imagens de Alta Resolucão**
• 200 Imagens de com tamanho pra WEB corrigidas**



A. We arrive at the hotel, we chat about the sets we will work on, we get your comfort levels, your boundaries and we go from there.

The idea is to have some straightforward shots and abstract images that we can use on your choice of art pieces that will reflect your day. This is an easy-going, fun, experience. We are here to celebrate you, not to judge you; let's embrace and enjoy this moment.

We have a bath with milk and flowers, we have the abstract wall and we have the classic bed images.

The beauty of all this is how it's really applied to different art objects; Wall art, ground objects, ceramic, prints, books, reveal boxes.


A. Ahhh The Queen...

We do all that is on the empress and add to that portraits and a round trip experience.

We drive around in the wee hours of the morning, for maximum privacy and find locations where we can bond your images with nature.

This is a fantastic experience, as you get the best of both worlds, the hotel experience, and the beauty and magic of the outside.


A. The Goddess.

We do all that the Empress does, The Queen, plus, we have a hair and make-up artist for our Hotel experience.

We do a classic, yet fun, Black and White Suit photoshoot and we do our water session outside.

It's just a perfect package to enjoy and have this memory.

We usually divide this into 2 days, as this can get heavy and tiring, and we don't want to rush anything.

We want our day together to be the cherry on the pie, with great image results and memories of fun for a lifetime.


Why You don't photograph boudoir?

A. It's a very personal choice!!

I may be absolutely wrong, but I associate the use of underwear on photoshoots for women as a SALE for an underwear brand.

I'd rather don't go that route. I think the kind of underwear puts women in a time and place that we can't really build timeliness from it.

That's the model, that's the year, brand, and so forth.

I like the naked statues, I like anyone and any kind of body with no constraints or boundaries.

Maybe because I work with so many different mediums to deliver my work, a pair of bras and underwear would be absolutely out of place with my work.

Funny enough, here and there I ask my clients/guest to put on a shirt, because it's beautiful and fit the mood of that particular person.

But as a general rule of thumb boudoir, I am not that guy.


A. All photos are color corrected and cropped as default.

We all have our better side and small details that would make our life easier if we had that to our perfect liking.

We are glad to accommodate more detailed and specific asking retouching.

But sometimes, that runs out of our regular retouching and routine and we have to dedicate more attention to you.

We have a female retoucher, that would go further than I would normally, do, if you would like anything beyond the scope of our regular work, that is very good and detailed, to begin with.

When will we get our photos?

A. Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 8 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!