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I've been working with photography since 2001.

In 2010 I finally found a connection between photography and objects. The consideration of family, privacy, and the ultimate experience combined with control and elegance.

I've been working with wood, welding, resin, cement, light installations, plaster, and augmented reality to create the most unique and exquisite experience.

The idea is to have your very exclusive and forward-thinking client buy something very personal, and have everyone pass around it and don't notice if that's their desire. Multiple couples would like to have an intimate piece of art and would wonder where they can find something else more than a framed photo.

Don't get me wrong, I love just simple, classic photography, we sell those; the idea is to give creative and elegant choices for those looking for that something else.

Please, let me know what your ideas are. I would love to listen and accommodate your client's need to fulfill their desires under the most discrete and private of the settings and deliveries.