Hey there, and welcome to our exciting pre-shoot link.

It's almost time!!!


I want to ensure you have an incredible and smooth experience. 

The Round Trip Experience is a laid-back and smooth day to photograph you in selected places and grab that serendipity opportunity. We drive to designated locations and keep our eyes open for photo opportunities, always mindful of your safety and privacy.


When it comes to food, let's keep your energy up and those smiles bright.

It's a fun but rather long and a bit of a physically challenging day; we don't want you hangry. =)

Remember to stay hydrated, so pack some water or your favorite drinks(sorry, no alcohol), power bars, and fruits to snack on. Eat and drink as you go – energizing you is necessary, and the photos will turn out even better.

Eat well, but eat modestly. We don't want you fainting, but we also don't want you to be uncomfortable because you overate.


Now, let's discuss why we're all about that ocean tide. Low Tide is about creating a safe and picturesque space for our photoshoot. The ever-changing tides give us a dynamic and breathtaking backdrop. Plus, it provides more space to work your magic on the beach so you can shine even brighter. Even on low tide, we can get surprised by the ocean, so listen to your photographer; he has your best interest at heart.

We are good on time; your safety is the absolute priority. Stroll while on rocky, wet terrain. This is paramount to our safety. You have rugged shoes while on lakes or strolling, so feel your floor before putting all your weight on the next step if you can't see it.

Here and there, we find some unpleasant people, onlookers, that can rob our attention from our work and make us uncomfortable; please let me know if you'd like to stop the shoot and cover yourself until the person moves away or you feel comfortable and safe. It's all great and welcome. I'd rather move away than instigate conflict and jeopardize your safety.


  • Mani and Pedi
  • Please bring a comb and hair conditioner.
  • An extra outfit for after the shoot
  • Wear a dress that is easy to put on and off.
  • A couple of towels.
  • Don't sweat it about shoes; we've got that covered.
  • Please come to the shoot without a bra or underwear to avoid unnecessary marks.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your private area trim and design. We recommend having a full Brazillian wax if possible; having pubic hair is okay, too. We would suggest being mindful of its aesthetic. It makes a difference.
  • Homework, if you were given any.
  • Personal object, if we discussed it.
  • Food & hydration beverage.
  • Go to bed 10 hours before call time; resting will ensure your eyes are not puffy.
  • Drink plenty of water three days before our shoot; it ensures your skin is at its best.


Safety and following the guidelines are super important. We want everyone to have a fantastic time without any hiccups. Sticking to these rules can create the most outstanding results without a hitch. Please listen to your photographer; only climb or go anywhere if guided; any small slip can hurt you and ruin an otherwise memorable day. So, please, really listen. If we can't agree on safety, I will terminate the shoot immediately. It's that important!!!

Thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day. We're honored and grateful for your trust. Throughout the day, know I am here to make you feel comfortable, respected, and honestly heard. If you feel uncomfortable or have any requests, don't hold them back. I am here for you.

Let's do this!!!



Our shoot is primarily a celebration, a memory-building ritual of freezing time. My suggestion is to keep it simple and focus on the eyes. Use something water-resistant that can highlight your gaze. That's timeless. A lipgloss is a must. All else will get lost in water and sand. We are celebrating you, not selling anything. With that said, if you have any skin areas that you are particular about, use your regular concealer and very light foundation. But keep in mind you will be wet in no time.