The Story of an Artist

After 22 years of learning, polishing, elevating my craft, and steering towards a vision, I have found my north.

I adore working with women.

I am in love with the challenges and stories that come with each session. I love to hear clients who still can't believe they did it and still can't believe it's them in the photos. I've seen tears, I've seen it salvaged relationships, and I've seen a renewed appreciation for oneself.

I have had people who describe themselves as "shy," dancing naked on Yosemite's pavement and running along rooftops. I laughed and cried with clients who didn't want the session to end. I have had repeat clients who wish to have a new set of photos every five years to remind them of where they were in life. I have had clients who decided that 30 was the time to do it, those with three kids who wanted to do something just for themselves, and I have had 40-somethings who told me they never felt so free than when in their Nudefy Me shoot. 

I photographed a grandmother of 2 who decided it was time for that special gift for her husband. Some people wait years building up "courage" for it only to find the experience completely natural and comfortable, free of trepidation.

After seeing their photos, everyone finds something they see as their true self and love. I have had clients say they haven't felt so feminine in years. I have had clients who had never been completely naked in the sun. I had those who cursed the cold wind or water but powered through regardless. I even once photographed a client inside the San Francisco Bay. Through the evolution of time and experience came different techniques and new ways to deliver the work.

They go beyond the mainstream album to gorgeous framed pictures, evolving to different finishes, resin, encaustic, hand-painted pieces, wood, cement, and light installations. 

Today, applications turn the page with AR, which uses augmented reality for a unique experience.

We use waterproof equipment to capture underwater photography. In case you can't tell from my story, I am curious; bookstores are my second home. I invest in my work to make it truly timeless and never cookie-cutter. 

I have developed ways to allow my work to live on your walls. The result is elegant, beautiful, and tasteful, no matter the audience.

And it is crazy too, raw, erotic, magnificent.

I am a channel back to my clients. 

“Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come.”