For Interior Designers

Expand your latitudes

Makee it even more personal

Spicy it up a little

Add a timeless personal piece.

So, that's me on the wall...

Your client can actually be a part of it.

Some people have everything.

All they want are experiences.

Reimagine that private place

It could be a rewarding memory.


Awe your clients.


Interior Designers

As Ralph Lauren would say about designing his collections, "It's not a job, it's a joy.

What a great responsibility you have to imagine all the details that will let people live the best of their lives in the space that means so much to them.

In that light, we would love for you to consider and suggest our services for your clients.

Interior designers can suggest our products to their clients because we offer various styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. We also have affordable prices, so it is possible for them to recommend us even if they are on a budget.

We aim to ensure you always get the perfect piece for your home.

Whether you want something modern or traditional, abstract or figurative, we have what you're looking for at the price point that works best for your project's budget and time frame.

We have been doing Fine Art Nude photography discreetly for over 22 years. If you check our feed, we don't use our client's faces to promote our work; it's private and should remain this way.

We strive for creativity, innovation, and the use of a unique combination of materials and tech to deliver your clients the most awe, heart-stopping, near-magic experience. I print the large-size images and sew the Image Fall books; I weld and build with resin and plaster to give your clients a range of personal choices to experience their journey through art...and to be a part of it, literally. 

Beautiful art, where family and friends could be oblivious to what it is, and your client will always be in control of what people see effortlessly.

It's like giving them experience, magic, and secrets in one place.

We are sure your most forward-thinking storyteller's patrons and adventurous clients would love this organic, honest, handmade, and tech experience.