For Therapists, Coaches and Facilitators

Love what you do!

Document the new you!!

Take a deep breath

A new life starts now!


That's you, with all your strength!!

Strong and Elegant

That's you on your walls.


Therapists and Coaches

Imagine having a client who has just been through a big life adjustment. Be it a new self-confidence a new body, she worked through discipline combined with cosmetic enhancements.

Imagine having this client document this new life moment with a tailored session with Nudefy Me.

Therapists and coaches are a significant source of enlightenment, tool providers, and organic change for their clients.

Clients who are aware of their new life opportunities want to celebrate that with a new attitude and break old barriers. Suggesting a Nude Photoshoot could be one of the tools to cement this life shift and a new awareness of her sensuality and self-discovery.

A costume-made and aligned photoshoot for your client could be a new way to remind them where the new reset begins. In the emotional or physical realm, having a tangible result of your sessions could be a pivot moment for some people.

In 2010, I finally found a connection between photography and tangible objects.

I've worked with wood, welding, resin, cement, light installations, plaster, and augmented reality to create the most unique and exquisite experience. It's beyond just the photos.

The idea is to have your exclusive and forward-thinking client experience something very personal and handmade to remind them of their new ones.

Please let me know what your ideas are. I would love to listen to and accommodate your client's needs to fulfill their desires under the most discrete and private settings and deliveries.