There's something undeniably exciting about the magic of holding a book. It's texture, its smells, the ritual of discovering the next page coming up. Having a book that is a document of a point in your life is an experience that only when you live it you can understand. A few of our moments vanish from our memories in a blink; robbing us of the details that made us who we are.

Your body is your house. Not a reason to be ashamed or hide from your own pride to carry yourself from walking tall and be a reminder of all you've heard and endured.

Documenting the rawness of you, with the delicacy of lights, or with the adventurous spirits is what makes us who we are.

Your fears are bigger in your head than they are in real life. Go on. Enjoy this part of the human experience, and have this tangible memory in your hands. Use it as a guide to this moment you felt you could do anything, use it as a reminder of this person you didn't know lived inside of you, a spirit boost for the times when you feel you need a push to keep going.

Use it as a visual mantra to elevate your event marching, pick me up and stand up, moving fast and forward you.


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