The Photo Affair

The Photo Affair (previously, Long Distance Photo Affair) was born out of a chat with a friend that lived too far away for an in-person session but wanted to be part of Nudefy Me.

We agreed that she would take her own nude images, under some guidance, and send them to me.

The idea would be for her to be close to a light source with a clean background, take 100-150 pictures and send them over. I would then print the best images, make a composite out of them, paint, re-photograph, assemble and send the art piece back. The Photo Affair was born.

Clients transfer payment through PayPal, send the images to an email address and I transform her set of nude selfies into an art piece that is elegant, that clients can be proud of and hang on their walls.

With my new app, Augmented Reality is playing a big role in hiding (in plain sight) more details of the images with the control of the client. You choose to whom you want to show more. People will still be curious about their bare bodies, you might as well do something chic with it. Time and time again we see celebrities taking nude photos of themselves – either for vanity or just “why the hell not?”

Those photos make their way online and a good amount of sites are dedicated to propagating this trend. With the advent of smartphones, even more, people are venturing in front of mirrors and snapping those images, but just to quickly delete or forget them. That’s where Photo Affair comes into play. We use the same materials and techniques to transform a collection of these photos into REAL presentable timeless pieces of art. This could be every creative gift to yourself or that special someone that loves to ask for sexy photos of you. There, there you have it now. The perfect reason and end result.

The concept is simple. You contact us; we send you a set of directions and guidelines to optimize your images. Respond with your images (between 30-60 is recommended) and we create PARAGRAPHS – beautiful pieces of art from your nude photos. We want you to be proud of your images, to hang them on the walls. We develop everything in-house and ship your final art pieces to you.

If you are going to do it anyway, do it with a purpose. It’s 100% confidential – your face will not appear on the artwork (unless you request it) and we send the final piece or pieces to you in an unmarked parcel. It’s a completely unique experience. All you need is to snap some images and let us do our magic. Any decent camera will do: iPhone, Samsung, point-and-shoot (automatic), etc. Please take a look at some of the examples shown here and let us transform your photos into tangible pieces of art.

If you took some images yourself and think that having a piece of work made out of it is in due time, please let us know. I will contact you and give you further details and payment instructions.

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