Stop For Nothing

To kick off the 2024 Summer season, I want to emphasize the importance of self-awareness, self-love and daily reminders of our purpose: to live beautifully and to remind ourselves that we can accomplish anything.


Jennifer is a professional model, and her likeness was authorized to be shown here. By design, my brand does not share the faces of my clients or trade partners.

A Reminder

Capture your inner power and celebrate the incredible woman you are with an iconic image that reflects your essence. Picture a stunning portrait that exudes your strength, resilience, and unmatched accomplishments, prominently displayed where you can see it every day.

This is more than just a photograph; it's a bold statement of your journey, triumphs, and the unstoppable force within you. Let this image serve as a daily reminder of your absolute power and the phenomenal heights you've reached.

Embrace your greatness, honor your achievements, and let your image inspire you and everyone around you to believe in the limitless possibilities of

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I Am Light, Milk & Flowers, The Bed

• A Happy Hour viewing + order session.

• 10 High Resolution retouched images.

• Over 150 Online sharing-size photos delivered through a safe link.

• A personalized web app.

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2 Resin Chapters for $1200, a 50% + off regular chapter prices