“Igor has a true gift of making one feeling comfortable, free, and truly embodied.

It was a creative and artistic experience and I can honestly say I would likely not do this experience with anyone else.

I really love the photos that came – they really capture my essence and nature but almost equally significant, I carry the empowering goddess experience with me.”


“When I turned 40 I allowed myself to experience that changed relationship with my body and how I saw myself through the lens of Nudefy Me.

It was photography and art, but not only: it opened my mind. It was very professional of him, respecting my spaces, time and personality.

But it was magic too! He led lightly to arouse a sensuality that I did not know in magical contact with nature and made me feel part of it.

The result was beautiful, pure art, telling me that I can do more, much more!”


“I came to Igor through the recommendation from a close friend who worked with him before to make the most amazing pictures! I wanted something raw and natural.

I was just exiting an abusive relationship and entering a new wonderful healthy romantic relationship and I wanted to reclaim power over my sexuality and create something expressive of my current journey in life.

I felt incredibly liberated by the experience and my partner said no one had ever done anything so wonderful for him.”


“When I hired Igor to develop a photo book as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend I had no idea how spectacular the whole process would be.

He is so creative and was fun to work with. The book is so beautiful and unique. – each photo was so carefully choreographed and executed.

This was one of the most special and personal gifts I’ve ever given and I’m so happy I worked with a professional like Igor! (By the way, the BF loved it!)”


“Living this experience with Igor went far beyond a photographic work, was self-awareness, was seeing me with other eyes, was complete.

I’ll take this photographed “experience of myself” to proudly share to my grandchildren one day.
A complete professional.”


“I am generally very shy and don’t feel comfortable about my body, but with him, everything changed!

I changed!

It’s like I was just there by myself playing with my body and dancing to the music of the waves. And I got amazing photographs!!!

Highly recommend this experience to every woman! And do it with Igor, he is incredible!”

—K. F

“There are no words to express exactly how amazing my experience was! At first, I was feeling very vulnerable and uneasy. I was scared of being naked in front of him and outside, especially being a larger woman.

Once we began the shoot I felt more and more comfortable. I can honestly say it changed my perception of my body and myself.

I became more confident and open. The experience made me love myself in ways I never had before. Once we finished the session I was afraid of how the picture”


“I am 41, mother of two. I didn’t want the silly photos. I wanted the real deal, the honest, timeless pieces.

What makes the whole experience so special is the way he kindly caters to you and makes you feel at ease during the photo session.

You can trust that he will honor you for who you truly are in a very creative way.

You get the unique experience AND you get the gorgeous results.

A true professional photographer in the field!”


“I was intrigued by Nudefy Me.

I decided to do it despite my age (I’m 60 and a Mother and a Grandmother).

Igor is very professional; he made me feel at ease, very comfortable and secure and we worked together to build a gift for my husband, a beautiful and tasteful nude photography book that reflects my personality and sexuality.

My husband was very thrilled with the surprise gift!”


“I meet Igor randomly, we connected through art.

I can say I experience his craft as a model and as his assistant once; I can say he is a respectful human being and amazing artist that will let you connect with yourself respectfully.

And there is the beauty of his art. It will be always about you.

I wish you all the best and will recommend you sincerely.”


“It was pure euphoria working with Igor. Tide pools off the coast of Maui, you couldn’t have asked for a better location and backdrop. He made me feel comfortable and confident.

He guided what through the whole thing and told me which angles worked for my body and he got some amazing shots.

Having not only the amazing art pieces but also a book of the shots, it’s something that I will share with my future husband.”


“Igor provides high-quality work.

He is really professional and patient at all times and it felt really comfortable working with him.

He is talented, creative and passionate about his job.

I am very pleased with the beautiful images that came out of our collaboration.
Thank you!”


“Igor has been very professional and communicative.

First I started off very awkward, but Igor helped to be confident.

He took some amazing photos.”


“Working with Igor was a professional class act, with the sense of feeling wonderful because it was me, my body and my intimacy there, turning into art.

He loves what he does and does it very professionally.

I look forward to the next photo shoot.”


“I am so glad I did this.

We did an underwater shoot in Maui, and he gracefully managed to capture epic photos in surging waters, all while keeping it discreet and professional.

I am not a model and have never done anything like this before, but he made me feel confident and comfortable and the pictures came out amazing.

I am super grateful for this experience!”


“I’m a graphic artist, so he had me construct and paint giant paper musical notes from scratch, by hand, while playing my favorite band’s songs.

The whole process was documented. After the musical notes were ready, we hung them up from the ceiling, like they were floating in the air and I danced and danced freely around them, doing a choreography I had just made up in my mind.

I had forgotten that I didn’t have any clothes on.”


“I never thought I wanted to be nude in front of anyone’s camera. It wasn’t me and I didn’t need that affirmation of my body. Then a few years ago, I broke up with my ex.

Out of sudden, I needed to put together the little pieces of my soul together and find my inner power again. I went, kind of nervous, kind of curious, kind of super shy.Very, very little I knew how much the relationship between my body and mind changed.”


“"He explained exactly the mission of Nudefy Me and I was immediately taken in by how incredibly liberating of a journey this would be for me.

I happened to be going through a huge shift in my relationship with my body and was learning to accept myself fully for all that I am and all that I am not.

It was such a meaningful experience and helped me embrace all of my curves and scars in a way I’d never been able to.

The photos weren’t just your typical nude pictures, they turned me into art pieces”


“"As a photographer myself, I had never personally done a nude photoshoot before!

What did my body look like through the eyes of someone else? Igor started off the session by asking me which part of my body was my favorite. Within 5 minutes of meeting, I was completely undressed and we had already began our shoot. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or worried.

It was a truly fun experience that I still talk about to this day.

I loved them so much I even showed to my mom!"”


“Our work together brought on a new image of myself for myself…

I experienced a whole new me and saw someone that I never thought was beautiful or daring. You helped me go against my line of comfort and helped me see that going with what society accepts is no way to live! I now do what I chose and what makes me happy.

Pictures of myself line my walls and remind me that I AM BEAUTIFUL. I appreciate your creativity and your mind on the beauty of us. Whoever works with you will feel that way too…thank you.”


“I was turning 25 and beyond self-conscious of my body, especially my boobs. I was planning on getting a boob job and decided to gift myself a photo book that should capture the raw, unedited me, in black and white before surgery.

It wouldn’t be easy, and I almost backed out. Igor persuaded me into considering.

I’m so glad he did. A life-changing experience, as I found beauty within my “flaws.” I learned to love and appreciate not just my boobs but myself entirely. I never had the boob job.”


“I definitely felt nervous as I have never exposed myself to this type of work; however, once we started, I felt completely at ease and comfortable.

I am a mother of 2 gorgeous daughters-- I have never had the most perfect body. It was a challenge in itself to put myself out there and be that vulnerable.

But I took a chance because I am learning to love myself again and Igor truly captures your raw and honest BEAUTY!

It was fun, exciting, humbling, and exhilarating”


“I have never worked with another photographer more open and respectful.

The idea of a nude photoshoot at first made my stomach turn, I was shy.

By the time I finished the shoot with Igor, I found the experience to be so liberating I didn’t want to go back to wearing clothes!

10/10 would recommend working with him to anyone, he’s good at pushing you to your limit and will keep you on your toes, but knows how to avoid breaking boundaries.

A true professional and artist.”


“During the photo shoot, I felt completely comfortable, super confident and the result shows Beautiful photos!

I never felt so beautiful in my life.

I love to have such a piece of art about me and my body!”


“I was so nervous about being naked, especially in film.

I have longed to capture my body and I wanted to overcome my fears and celebrate myself. Igor is so professional and accommodating.

I never felt uncomfortable in his presence, and he always highlights the beautiful parts of my body.

I can be myself in photoshoots. He is the only photographer I want to photograph/video me and I am more confident in doing so.”


“I always loved being photographed but I was always very insecure with myself. But he can enhance the beauty of a woman.

Thinking about it, I decided to make a book for my husband as a wedding anniversary gift. I did, even feeling insecure while taking the pictures.

But when I saw the result, I was amazed, I had never noticed how beautiful I am. Today my self-esteem is different, I feel more confident about myself and this also brought me even closer to my husband.”


“At 43, I found myself divorced after 16 years of marriage and a 4-year-old daughter in tow. Out of the blue, the opportunity to pose for one of Igor’s photo shoots presented itself and very reluctantly, I decided to go for it.

When the pictures came back, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t recognize the beautiful woman in the untouched, black and white pictures staring back at me. So radiant. So confident.

I will treasure my book for years to come.”


“A completely unique approach to nude photography.

Always professional, with the right mixture of charm and humor to let your personality shine through while maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue.

The results are elegant and richly textured, a perfect statement piece to add to your memories.”


“Igor is a talented artist with a passion for what he does.

It has been an honor having worked with him. As one of his models, I appreciate his professionalism.

As a fan, I appreciate his work… but above all, I appreciate his kindness as a human being.”


“Working with Igor is such a journey.

He provides a whole different perspective on the human body.
As a fellow nude photographer myself, I wanted to embrace my own body and try being on the other side of the camera for once.

I would absolutely 110% recommend him as your guy to photograph you in such a vulnerable state.

He is extremely professional and makes you feel comfortable and confident.”


“My photo shooting experience was very interesting!

I was a bit nervous in the beginning but Igor’s words worked like therapy and made me feel very calm during the whole process!

He is a wonderful professional and his photos are brilliant!
Truly recommend it!”


“The experience of taking pictures while nude sounded extremely intimidating but within 5 minutes of it, I felt at ease.

I attribute that to Igor’s professionalism, artistic nature and enthusiasm to make art.

It was an experience that I will forever cherish as it was a powerful and beautiful experience to let my inhibitions go and just express myself and Igor managed to photograph that feeling.

I love my book!”


“Being photographed was an invigorating and empowering experience.

Igor produced a beautiful memory that is totally mine. I love the printed book and the art piece that was created from our work together.

Truly a one of a kind and beautiful gift to give to yourself.”


“After going through a divorce and having three kids, my body had changed entirely, and along with it, my confidence.

Igor made me feel special, very respectful with my limits; by the end of the session,I was comfortable posing because he made me feel uplifted, beautiful, and appreciated.

When I saw the results, I was amazed by how he got the best of me; it made me feel confident in a moment that I had lost my confidence.

The pictures are beautiful; it’s me, as an art statement.”


“I had a dream to be able to see my essence in photos.

This fantastic photographer realized that dream. He was trustworthy, excellent professional and could catch my soul.

I had a unique feeling of freedom being photographed by him. I loved the result and the very personal book that I will keep forever!!!”


“I had never done anything like this before.

To say I was a little nervous, would be an understatement.

Igor eased my nerves, he made me feel completely comfortable.

Afterward, when I saw the pictures, I was in awe of how amazing they turned out.

I have worked with Igor over the past 5 years, doing several different projects.

I am now more comfortable with my body than I ever have before.

Thank you for capturing myself in a way that I never was able to see before.”


“That is crazy!!!! Beautifull madness!!!
I love all the photos on the beach. From the car- it made my face red.

I appreciate you for this experience and the safety and trust I felt with you.💖

I also can say that it was an outstanding experience for me. Now it rises a lot of emotions.

At some photos, I wonder “Is this me too…?”.

Some photos make me shy. Some photos make me sad (I see imperfections of myself).

But it is a very important exercise of accepting your body and self-love.”


“I have been knowing Igor and working with him for over 12 years!!!

It was a great collaboration that grew into a great friendship. He has such an eye for details, it’s always a pleasure working with him, it’s easy and fun!

I posed a few times, some were for myself and some for his art projects; together we created a beautiful book that I gave to my boyfriend;) Also after all Igor was invited to be a photographer at my wedding!

So many years, so many wonderful work and memories.”


“It can be very intimidating to see so many other nude images and want to be like the model in “that one.”

We are all different shapes and colors and he picked up on certain angles and styles that flattered well.

I received the print-on-wood decorative pieces; It’s shocking to see yourself in a collage of nude photographs.

They were both well crafted and deliberately executed. Very nice to see what we’re all capable of – in front of and behind the camera!”


“I’ve never even considered doing nude photography but he made it easy, and positive experience.

I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable and he did a great job noticing when I started to feel inhibited and would react accordingly.

He prepped me well, and on the day of I actually ended up having a lot of fun.

When he sent me the actual photo files, I almost teared up- the photos were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, I couldn’t believe it was me.

I highly recommend Igor.”


“Igor was able to help me find out what really matters to me, what feelings should be eternalized in images.

He was a master in making me comfortable during the photo shoot, and definitely made me laugh so much, I can only think of that moment as so much fun.

The result is just so precious.

A natural consequence of a joyful experience added to Igor’s skills, talent, and immense creativity.”


“My greatest compliment is that I turn 40 next year and want a Nudefy Me shoot to celebrate the milestone!

My first one ten years ago was invigorating, unforgettable, and FUN.”


“I shot with Igor, twice. It was an experience that helped me grow into and feel empowered in my skin; what we created together feels timeless.

His ability to bring trust and comfort are detrimental for this kind of intimate experience.

You can walk in and bring your complete self-confidence, your timidity, your insecurities, your creativity, and even your pain – and something beyond beautiful will end up revealing itself.

I’m grateful I permitted myself to peel off a layer of self-doubt.”


“It’s almost impossible for me to crystallize the experience of working with Igor. He is open. The definition of open.

I was scared to work with him but he soon showed me that even he isn’t in control, but he is the conduit.

Trust him. Trust the process. Trust yourself. This was something I truly learned from him.

He sees and manifests what you couldn’t even imagine and he will surprise you in the most beautiful ways with what you can do… together.”


“At first, I was definitely nervous, but by the time that the photo-shooting started, Igor made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Before the Nudifyme experience I used to think: “ oh, I don't deserve it because I'm not thin enough or I'm not pretty enough..." But now, I found myself feeling so confident and pretty!! Igor is definitely an artist, that offered me not just a perfect photo, but a life experience, that I’ll keep for my whole life. How proud I am for have decided to take this AMAZING pics.”


“Working with Igor was nothing but AMAZING!
I had my reservations, but he is so professional and creative that I felt very comfortable, and I was able to trust him into creating something discrete, intimate, and very graceful.

It took some courage, but I’m so glad I did this! In a matter of minutes, I forgot that I was naked, and I felt safe and confident in my own skin and body.

I highly recommend this unique experience.”


“I was recommended to Igor through a friend who also posed for him.

Working with Igor was a truly magical experience. His encouraging direction opens you up and lets you be completely in your body.

Through movement and stillness, you discover the vulnerability between your desires, secrets, and emotions.

It’s erotic, sensual and above all else a true expression of the self.”


“Being a woman from the northeast of Brazil, with a very patriarchal and conservative culture, I never thought I could ever take my clothes off in front of a man with a camera.

But I felt so comfortable. As I grew older, I understood the importance of documenting that ME, my body, my young essence.

It was a special moment in my life. Even though I, at times, felt uncertain and doubted myself, now, I will always have that real empowerment and renewed confidence to push me forward again.”


“I was initially concerned about how I would feel being nude in front of him, but he made the experience very professional and comfortable.

I am married and have two beautiful girls. I am so happy I made the decision to capture these timeless photos. I hired Igor to make some beautiful artwork of the photos we took 10 years ago. We were able to collaborate on this project from both coasts.

He had it packaged very carefully and it was shipped in a timely manner.

Very professional.”


“I was invited by a great friend to do the photo session together. I had never thought of doing something like this before, but I felt confident in it and I accepted it.

It was a surprise to me how comfortable and relaxed I was all the time. It was an art and I felt like a representation of very deep spaces within myself.

I liberated and healed many spaces of repression within my life story. I felt free! It was a truly UNIQUE experience, which was registered positively in my memory!”


“The beauty of working with Igor is looking at yourself through a lens, a different perspective.

This experience is about embracing your beauty and following the creative journey that he guides you through.
It’s sexy, fun, playful.
Simply mesmerizing.

I am absolutely in love with this woman that he captures with his camera, I am in love with my photos!

I came referred by a friend, and 3 of my friends came advised by me. I keep recommending Igor because every woman needs to have this experience.”


“I met Igor years ago and have done several shoots with him since then. He has a really easy way of making you feel comfortable, especially given that you’re the subject.

I never thought that I’d get covered in plaster or go swimming in February or take nude photos outside on an abandoned road, but Igor is so adventurous and executes perfectly on a vision.

Whenever I see the photos he takes, I think “is this really me?” I always feel so beautiful in his photographs and that’s why I keep coming back!”


“A completely safe space for you to feel comfortable and open in your naked body.
He listens carefully to you. He will help you to take courageous steps, but only if you feel like opening up more.

I had a very interesting and new experience for me. I went to Igor after many of my girlfriends went, and recommended him.

I felt comfortable. I am very happy I got to do this with him. I highly recommend Igor for your personal nude album.

The photos turned out magical!!”


“Igor, you are extremely talented and fun to work with and you made me feel really comfortable during the shoot.

Thank you, thank you!!! I absolutely love all the pictures I got.

I’ve never felt so confident in my own body.

Thank you for your great energy and professionalism.”


“Working with Igor was an inner journey, I could explore myself in a safe and respectful environment.

He is a real professional and I recommend him to everybody who wants to experience something new, joyful and meaningful!”


“At first, it was strange, unlike anything I had done before. Then the doors opened to a new world, and I had never seen myself like this, so beautiful and radiant, full of life and light.

An artist’s vision that transforms the simple into something new and beautiful. A unique experience.

This testimony is the purest truth. Even today, I look at the book and appreciate myself.”


“Igor and I worked in the same building a few years ago and I remember always walking by his office and admiring all his beautiful photos. His space was surrounded by beautiful women and I’ve always thought, WOW…..

I love how they are able to exude such confidence and class while being sexy all at the same time. I was a 31yr old single mother who was not pleased with her b.”


“I got to know Igor’s work through a friend. I saw the beautiful pictures she had taken with him, and of course, I was delighted. Little did I know that I was about to live one of the best experiences of my life.

I have always loved photography, and I love being photographed, but I had never had the confidence to take more sensual photos …. nudes?

It seemed like a myth.”


“How to describe my photos with Igor?

First, I don’t just call photos, but reflections of soul, light, and heart.

I was able to experience the best version of myself and discover that I am the main inspiration of myself.

It was incredible to participate in this; so beautiful and sincere.

You are light.”


“Having Igor shoot many phase of my life was beyond empowering; every shoot showed me a new me: perfect skinny body, some flaws but no pregnancies yet, 2 kids, 5 shoots later, another complete different body, softer, some flaws, more curves that I would like, more stretch marks but even more fierce.

Igor has a way of photographing the essence and emotion of who you are, his photos are elegant and timeless.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable and beautiful in my own skin.”


“I will forever cherish these photos and look at them whenever I’m in need of a boost of confidence 😉 You not only made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the photoshoot but you also made it fun!!

I was easily able to step out of my comfort zone and truly enjoyed the experience.

I really appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and respected what I was comfortable with.

BEST birthday present and photoshoot ever!!!”


“The first time I was timid, insecure, didn’t know what to expect, or even how to be empowered at the moment.

From there, we shot 3 times.

Granted, parts of it are not for the faint of heart; like…not!!!

I have seen what my body and my mind can do; my husband became a huge fan of him and his work feeling wholly comfortable and appreciative of the artwork!

I am sure my 80-year-old self will have fun and pride revisiting all the work.

I can only say I’ll keep coming back for more!”


“The references I received from friends that had shot with him before though, assured me that he provided a safe and creative environment.

After having had the shoot, I knew with certainty that their references were accurate and so I am happy to pass along the same assurance to anyone reading this!

He is professional, kind, thoughtful, extremely creative, and is all about this work.

His creativity and professionalism can break anyone out of their shell.”


“Some of my friends recommended me to take some time off and recharge, they mentioned that there is a guy who does “naked” photoshoots.

I was hesitant at first, I thought about how this can help me find myself?!

I am extremely thankful for the experience I had with Igor. He is very talented, funny and easygoing.

I recommended him to many of my friends and enjoyed seeing them glow after doing the shoots with him.”


“On the path to re-exploring myself as a woman, I’ve met Igor. I’ve never done a nude photo session before and there were a few things in there for me that felt like a good way to exercise my trust and re-connect with my body.

For one, the way Igor pictures nudity is not about sex. It’s about being a mistress unveiling her secrets only to the extent that she accepts.

...the more I’m in love with myself. The more I touch myself, the more pleasure I seek from doing that.”


“The photo shoot itself was such a great experience and I did not expect to have as much fun as I did.

I already knew Igor as such a kind hearted and down to earth man but when he’s in his element he creates magic!

The photos speak for themselves and you’ll walk away looking and feeling amazing!

If you’re having any doubt about working with Nudefy Me, I challenge you to take that risk because you won’t regret it.”


“I truly enjoyed working with Igor.
My girlfriends referred me to him for an art project he was working on.

I am a very shy person and never though I would do a nude photoshoot.
I was amazed with myself how comfortable I felt in front of the camera.

I enjoyed our creative process together.

Igor is super respectful throughout the shoot, and making sure you are comfortable with everything.

All photos come out really beautiful!
I am so happy that I have such Artful pictures of myself!”


“What a journey of self-love this was, and Igor made it all happen. Little did I know what I empowering experience I was getting into…

From the moment I told him I want to do it, to the moment I was standing there, naked wearing nothing but a robe.

He listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions, was extremely professional and made it all FUN! 

After the first few shots, I was completely unaware that I was not wearing anything, it just didn’t matter anymore.”


“I didn't even for a second consider the possibility of being brave enough to do it.

How could a reserved and shy person like me do something like that???

Well,Igor has a way of making you feel comfortable and free. He’s good at pushing you to your limit until he achieves the most incredible results;Beautiful art!

That is so sexy,raw,candid and all YOU.
It’s truly an emotional experience...”


“Shooting with Igor was incredible.

I have never felt so confident, empowered, and comfortable in my skin. If anyone had ever asked me if I would be interested in doing a nude shoot, I probably would have looked at them like they were crazy! I felt comfortable, safe, and in control of my journey & experience.

Our shoot felt like a collaboration and that he was celebrating & encouraging my creativity every step of the way.

You will feel celebrated not only for your aesthetic but for your spirit.”


“I had a fantastic time with my session with Igor.

I brought a friend to do a project together, and we felt very safe and free to express our ideas.
Igor added so much to the experience with his years of experience making art photography.

I highly recommend his work, and I am delighted with the art on my walls!

*** This photo got us a TOP 5 on an international Photography Award.”


“Igor made me feel at ease and he encouraged me to be creative on my own terms which was truly liberating.

Any kind of anxiety about being nude quickly dissolved because I could see that he was creating something great.

There is an elegance and a purity in his work that is unprecedented and is one of his subjects was an honor.

The final images were pure poetry.”


“I loved shooting with Igor!

And I absolutely love the photos we got - I have two framed in my room, and guests are always complimenting me on my art!

They don’t even know it’s me! I felt comfortable and listened to, and I am looking forward to my next shoot with him!”


““ Working with Igor has been one of the most important things in my life.

He made me feel super comfortable and helped me appreciate my body more by capturing certain images.

He was and has been a huge help with printing and coming up with ideas.

I Definitely plan on keeping him as one of my photographers!””


“Igor was referred to me by a friend. To be honest, I was nervous, and it took me some time to contact him. Being naked in front of a stranger while posing for pictures was not easy to even think about.
I'm so glad that I was able to overcome that fear. I had so much fun, and I felt so comfortable that I forgot I was naked!
When I saw my pictures, I was able to find a different type of beauty, something so simple and genuine that changed me forever.”


“Working with Igor is so much fun.
He makes being naked feel easy. I have been so amazed to see my body through his eyes - it has given me a confidence boost and helped me develop a love for the places of myself I don’t usually appreciate. I now have some of our art hanging on my walls as a constant reminder. I even recommended him to a friend! Go get nude!”


“Igor always captures every moment perfectly; patiently. I have worked with Igor on several different occasions, he is also great at communicating with his clients and go the extra mile to make sure the photos turn out the way they should.

I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for professional photos. He is an absolute pleasure to work with!”


“I had such a wonderful experience. Igor was patient, mindful of my boundaries; reassuring, and uplifting.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had body image issues. It is rare for me to look in the mirror and be happy with the person who’s staring back at me.

After receiving the photos that Igor had, I burst into tears. It has made me feel the most beautiful and confident I have ever been. I highly recommend posing for Igor. He has helped me discover myself and be comfortable in my own skin.”


“Igor was an exceptional collaborator, consistently displaying a dedication to his craft. He took great care in ensuring that every detail was meticulously set up, resulting in stunning photographs.

His professionalism was evident from start to finish, making the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable.

I am genuinely grateful to Igor for his talent and expertise, which made my pregnancy photoshoot truly unforgettable.”


“Feeling gorgeous and powerful with NudifyMe.

Igor is not only photographing for aesthetics and art; he’s also empowering women to feel good and beautiful with their bodies.

Without any enhancements, my photos looked like me expressed in a way I’d never imagined.

My photo session with him was super fun, his energy was contagious, and his professionalism made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Igor is a gem!”


“Perhaps the most beloved and common type, quote testimonials are direct words from a customer who was satisfied with the products or services they received.”

Original Extended Testimonials

For over a decade of my life, I’ve suffered physical abuse. My first broken nose happened because I used red nail polish. I was about 14 years old and this was one of the first times I attempted to feel pretty. I was called a “slut” who has “that thing itching between her legs for fucks” and that only sluts put red nail polish.

I was pretty much punished for being a woman. It’s right then and there, while I was crying and wiping the blood off my nose when I decided that I won’t ever do anything that will provoke anyone to think that I am a slut. And what would that be in our society? Pretty much anything that makes you look like a woman: makeup, nail polish, dresses, skirts, high heels… I’ve experienced none of that until I was about 23.

And of course, after a number of unhealthy abusive relationships later… There was a pivotal point in my life when I realized that I’m hiding my beautiful, young body behind the curtains, afraid of being judged, punished, and for someone else feeling insecure because of my beauty. I realized that I have disconnected my identity from my body so much, that I had a lot of work to do in order to recover.

On the path to re-exploring myself as a woman, I’ve met Igor. I’ve never done a nude photo session before and there were a few things in there for me that felt like a good way to exercise my trust and re-connect with my body. For one, the way Igor pictures nudity is not about sex. It’s about being a mistress unveiling her secrets only to the extent that she accepts. It’s about being playful and almost in a kid-like state, where nudity because of a norm a few minutes into it and all you want is running around, experimenting, brainstorming ideas, dancing, playing…

Secondly, Igor is a man. For many of us, women, who suffered from abuse from men – it is a huge step to be there naked in a hotel room with a man who is physically much stronger than you. But the level of comfort that I felt around Igor from the first minute we met is unmeasurable. He is funny, relaxed, and simply is an artistic genius who is genuinely amazed by women’s bodies. It feels wonderful to be looked at as a muse, as nature… As something so pure that I started believing in my natural beauty again. And started trusting not only men but also my own intuition.

After many years of making decisions that harmed me, I ended up thinking that I simply can’t hear my true inner voice, my inner guide so my world collapsed because of the lack of trust. Laying there, with my legs open felt like I’m giving another chance to myself. It felt like a rebirthing experience in a way. My heart was aflutter at the thought of seeing the images from the photo session, but the more I look at them each day – the more I’m in love with myself. The more I touch myself, the more pleasure I seek from doing that.

Thank you, Igor, for paving a path to my body in such a gentle way. You are a true channel for women’s transformation. I wish that every woman on this planet has an opportunity to go through this photo journey with you. I see myself as a tree with roots and branches, leaves… I see that I am my body and more! I stopped rejecting my body. I am more creative in bed with my partner. I don’t feel insecure exploring new poses with him as I did before, because I now know how beautiful I am from any angle…


Miss K

How can I not brag about this amazing person/artist/talented human being?

I still remember the first time I had a photoshoot for an art project with Igor; I was timid, insecure, didn’t know what to expect, or even how to be empowered at the moment.

From there, we have shot 3 times now.

Granted, parts of it are not for the faint of heart; like…not!!!

Still, he’s nothing but phenomenal in what he does.

We talked, he walked me through, and from there, beautiful and stunning pieces came out, and from that first time, I can only say I’ll keep coming back for more!

As a 36-year-old wife and mom, I’ve never felt so secure and empowered within myself up until I’ve worked with him.

I have seen what my body and my mind can do; my husband became a huge fan of him and his work feeling wholly comfortable and appreciative of the artwork!

His talent is magical, his personality is incredible, and his creativity is out of this world.

I am very proud to see all the work I have from Igor, and I am sure my 80-year-old self will have fun and pride revisiting all the work I’ve done with him!

I can’t recommend it enough. ~H.A

Where do I begin?

Let’s imagine an average woman. She’s pretty, she’s confident (or likes to think that she is), she feels comfortable in her own body. Oh, wait. Scratch that. This average woman feels that her boobs are too small, and her tights are too big, and she needs to lose 5 pounds, and only after that, she will feel pretty.

But the extra pounds come and go, and that feeling of “pretty” always needs something else, now it’s long hair or fuller lips…

The beauty of working with Igor is looking at yourself through a lens, a different perspective. It might get uncomfortable at first. Undressing in front of a man with a camera while you are still thinking about these extra pounds (OMG, he will notice it).

But then, suddenly, you start channeling your inner Beyonce (yes, every woman has that Beyonce spirit), and you relax and give in to the experience. With Igor, this experience is about embasing your beauty and following the creative journey that he guides you through. It’s sexy, fun, playful. Simply mesmerizing.

I’ve had two photoshoots with Igor, and I am absolutely in love with this woman that he captures with his camera, I am in love with my photos! I came referred by a friend, and 3 of my friends came advised by me. I keep recommending Igor because every woman needs to have this experience and every good boyfriend deserves a glimpse of these photos ~K.F

I think it goes without saying that as women, we are taught by society that our value is inextricably tied to how we are viewed - that we should be polite, discreet, and well mannered.

We're taught that sexual expression, freedom, & exploration isn't "ladylike" and that if we want to be valued, we need to check the boxes that society deems "respectable". There has been no greater gift than to be given the opportunity to connect, fully and truly connect, to me on the purest and most intimate level.

There is a fire and power within you that gets awakened by an experience like this- it is such a raw and powerful expression of womanhood and confidence, it's something that is almost foreign to a person until she has the opportunity to feel it for herself. Something has changed within me since going through this experience- I feel like I've unlocked a new level of myself that was just lying dormant, waiting to be awakened.

Any trepidation, fear, anxiety, or insecurity that comes up when deciding whether or not to go through this experience (And, most definitely, it will come up and challenge your decision) is not worth scaring you away from what will be the most empowering and intimate experience you will have the opportunity to have with yourself.

This ride can be whatever it is you want it to be. You are in control. Igor is just there to capture the moment and guide you on the journey. I have done 3 different shoots in 3 different locations on 3 different occasions with Igor, and am already preparing for my 4th.

Needless to say, after each project, I am left waiting for the next! - K.B

That photoshoot was magical.

It broke all concepts about me and my body. It forever changed any and all ties to my patterns and habits.

I met Igor 5 years ago, at the wedding of a Brazilian friend we have in common. Since then, I’ve admired his work through Instagram, and I’ve always found it beautiful, artistic, and not vulgar.

About My Story: I am a devoted and happy mother of a 13-year-old teenager, and I have just come out of an abusive, verbally abusive relationship.


I ended my relationship feeling ashamed of my body, repressing my cheerful and outgoing way of being, feeling guilty about being who I am. Trying to fit in with the needs of the others. I managed to have the courage to break this pattern. I’m currently going through a magical and challenging time recognizing and rediscovering myself...

I’ve always been a sexual woman, but only within four walls. The shoot with Igor was unbelievably light and shameless. I started the photo session with the certainty that I would not let go in front of the cameras. But it was quite the opposite. He was conducting a conversation in a genuine and super “normal” way, speaking from words of encouragement to take the photos, expressing myself in the poses, even exchanging recipes for cakes and risottos!

I am entirely grateful and pleased to have had contact with this type of work, which I never imagined in my life, to participate.

Today I feel safe to be who I am, happy with my body, and confident in a life that doesn’t need external approval, just my personal satisfaction. I’m conquering my financial and personal independence, with the confidence of being who I am without limits in living... - C.B

Hi Igor

I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on your work and the blossoming effect it has had since you left. I request that this is just a private letter to you since there are some personal details below. But if you want to use any quotes, without giving away who I am, feel free.

In my life, I have been blessed with a few eye- and heart-opening experiences aided by amazing teachers, and in this case, a photographer-teacher, that have captured me and changed me. Sometimes in a slight and outwardly imperceivable way, others with a big bang.

This was a big change for me.

I want to call your awareness of the magnitude of what you gave me and express my gratitude. Thank you, Igor!

On my walk to the shoot, I was SO nervous! I never had in my life left my house without underwear. I went because I felt obligated to you, but later I realized that this scenario was an obligation I had to my future self. 

I am in a job where I have to really watch how I present myself to others. No messy hair, no coloring outside the lines. At times I felt restricted, but mostly I didn't, which I think is even worse.

It was awesome to try something beyond my perceptions of what was possible. To have taken those pictures, with someone as trustworthy and professional and sweet as you allowed me to break some boundaries within myself. One boundary that was broken was that there is something wrong with my natural state. That was the biggest one. Another was to try and go outside your comfort zone. All of these got smashed the day of our shoot.

And after the shoot, when you showed me the first picture, I was shocked. I had no idea how beautiful I was. I am used to looking at my body with so much judgment... and I see the wrinkles and stretch marks and that this is too low and that is too big. I never before saw myself the way that you took those pictures. And oh Lord have mercy! Because once I discovered that part of myself, then everything changed. Really everything, but here is a list:

The favorite one and I am sorry if this is too much information, but sex.

Oh no. I mean, oh yes. It has been fantastic. 

I look at my body totally differently, which has given me confidence and power in the bedroom.

Also, the way my BF looks at me (after having seen your photos) has changed as well. Enough there, I don't want to scandalize you. But seriously there is nothing better in the world than a hot and regular sex life with a man you love

The second is how I dress. I dusted off the stilettos that were in the bag to be donated to goodwill and I have put them to very good use. In the bedroom and out.

How I talk to strangers. Nakedly. With confidence. Also with a lot more flirtation. (in the history of our relationship, my BF has traditionally been the flirt, and I would get mad and jealous and small when he did. Now I am bolder with saying what I like and I compliment and flirt more freely. I see the world with the beauty and sensuality of your lens. It is harmless. We have established boundaries. But within those boundaries, there is room for fun. It makes everyone feel good. And now I am not the jealous girlfriend when I see my BF smiling at a girl across the room. Instead of her beauty made me feel small, I can see her beauty AND mine. Also, it is hard to get jealous or angry at all when you have had so many orgasms. Wow, empowering. I am not fully there, but I just feel so different and so much happier. I didn't realize this choice to be this free and happy were always available to me.

How I listen to my girlfriends and sisters and mom.

I brought up the idea of doing portraits to my gorgeous mom and her reply was that she was too old and wrinkly for pictures.

When I was 10 years younger and 30 pounds lighter I am sure I felt the same way. I know I did, and I know that I felt that way the day that I walked down the stairs for the photoshoot.

That there was something wrong with me, that it was not good enough for documentation.

Now I listen to the myriad of ways that women pull themselves down and it pisses me the fuck off. If we had such rampant abuse of children or dogs, nobody would stand for it. But we as women are constantly verbally abusing ourselves to which no one takes offense. Until now.

Yesterday I literally slapped my coworker's hand when she told me her knees were too fat. And I looked at her dead in the eye and made her tell me one part of her that she thought was beautiful. And then I warned her that if she insulted my friend again (herself) then I was going to slap her again. Ok, maybe I need to curb my enthusiasm for violence. I am still figuring out this whole new self. but I am more discerning about the communal voice of my sisters. I hear the lies because I was so used to saying them and believing them. now I feel like I have had enough of that. it's time for some love- for ourselves, for our friends, for our bodies, and for our partners. it is time to change the lens by which we choose to view ourselves.

You changed my lens and you opened up my heart.

Thank you for being amazing Igor.

Your friend, 


I've been shy my whole life.

I've been used to the feeling of loving and hating my own body for years. Hated looking at myself in the mirror. Never liked doing it with the lights on... hated my breasts. Used to think that getting plastic surgery would resolve my low self steam. but, things did not go as I imagined and I ended up with some more scars. But I knew inside me that things one day would change and that I needed to change my thinking but had no clue in how to manage that.

When I met Igor about 2 years ago at an event and had the chance to see his work in person, I was amazed at his talent and amazed at all those brave women. I confess at that moment I got speechless and started asking myself "if that was it"?

The key that I needed to start my process with self-love. But the shyness was still there, though I would never have the courage. 

Then Covid started, and the feeling of wanting to change and to become the best version of myself started to become stronger and stronger inside of me. On my 39th birthday, I contacted Igor, I really wanted to do something wild, different. Felted that I needed to push myself forward even more.

But, still wasn't the right moment. One year after when I turned 40 and single... I thought it would be the perfect moment. A moment that I wanted to celebrate my life, the woman who I became...I wanted to prove to myself that I am brave, fierce, and strong and since it's my body I decide what to do with it and who I would let see it.

 I remember when the day of the photoshoot came, I was so nervous.

I always hated wearing a bikini and being naked at the beach in front of a photographer never had crossed my mind before. But I wanted so badly to overcome all the negative thoughts and feelings that I had of myself.

So I did it.

And when Igor showed me the first picture of me that he just had taken, I was impressed by how beautiful I looked, and I got excited right away. And I was so sure that I had made the right decision.

Loved that I was brave enough to dive naked in the ocean at 7 am. Feel in love with every single picture that we took that morning.

But it didn't stop there... when we got to the Hotel Experience it felt like I was completely myself to a point that I felt so safe with him that I gave him permission to take a photo of my vagina from sideways. I remember telling him that he can take it but I didn't want it on my album. But when I saw it... I was so shocked by how beautiful, gentle, and sweet she looked that I completely changed my mind and decided to have it in the middle of my album. It became one of my favorite pictures. 

Igor, thank you so much for being part of my self-love journey.

Thank you for making my scars stand out in a beautiful way that made me completely change how I see myself today.


I am not particularly the most comfortable person with cameras. 

But I have always wanted to be photographed by someone who could see past a woman's "sexy" body. 

If you love art and artistic expression as I do, Igor is your guy! I was referred to him by friends, as I referred him to other friends to shoot. 

Igor holds one of the most creative minds I've known. He helped me feel comfortable in my skin during the photo shootings; we have done 2 so far and are heading for the third one.

He created the perfect vibe for a relaxed and cheerful section. It has been an incredible experience to follow his lead and dive into his unique ideas.

Still, most important, it's been a pleasure to be part of his art.


  I am 55 with a few extra pounds, out of shape, heartbroken, and have been crying the whole day. Should I do this? Am I crazy? Should I take my clothes off in front of a camera? 

All the answers to those questions should be no, but I did it anyway, and I am happy that I did.

 Igor made the atmosphere comfortable and fun.

The whole experience was inspiring and creative and I had loads of memories. Just what I needed.

 I would have regretted not going through with it and wondered about the photographs that might have been taken. 

They are beautiful, and I didn’t realize I could still look like that. 

I Thank you, Igor, for taking this old girl out of her funk and reminding her that she is still a work of art.  

I will treasure these photographs for the rest of my days.

Being nude is a freedom I can’t deny.

In my life, I feel like breaking my chains and freeing myself is my destiny. Whether it be freeing myself through movement or laughter, mentally or physically. It’s all satisfying to my soul.

During the same time I shot with Igor, I had realizations about my insane connection to my skin, cells, and veins. Being in tune with other body parts outside of sensory touch/ feeling is rewarding and centering.

I can appreciate those elements more when I see myself nude.

Afterward, I pondered creating nudist communities to enjoy that sacred self-space with others.

I felt like everyone should have the experience. Being in sync with the beauty of your body is a profound feeling.

I am happy I could have another moment of freedom shooting with him! 

This experience blew my expectations out of the water.

I knew I wanted to take nude photos to help preserve in memory a turning point in my life, and I knew from looking at Igor's Instagram that I loved his photographic style. What I didn't know was how thoughtfully Igor moves through every stage of this experience - from our first meeting to get to know one another and talk through hopes, dreams, boundaries, and creative ideas for the shoot, to the shoot day itself to choosing the photos that will go into my book.

I so appreciated how intentional the process was and how, on the shoot day, Igor was always checking in to make sure I felt comfortable and safe.

I had never taken nude photos before, and I am so glad that this was my first experience!