Sculpting Dreams:

Capturing the Artistry of Transformation

The Art of Post-Surgery Portraiture

Elegance Reimagined

A place for those who will remain beyond the testament of time through art.

Dr. Sieber

Embrace the lens as you have embraced the mirror of change, a testament to the beauty that was always yours to claim.

From Dr. Sieber

In the delicate dance of transformation, where dreams gracefully blend with reality, I find myself humbled by the privilege of guiding you through the chapters of self-discovery.

As a plastic surgeon, I am but one thread in the tapestry of your metamorphosis. My dear clients, our journey is an ode to teamwork, attention to the finest nuances, and the exquisite blossoming of your inner radiance.

At the heart of our practice lies the symphony of collaboration, where skilled hands and compassionate hearts entwine. Every step of your transformative voyage, from the initial consultation to the final unveiling, is a harmonious blend of our dedication and your trust. In the theatre of life, we are a united ensemble sculpting the flesh and the masterpiece of your newfound self-esteem.

In a world of fleeting moments, our attention to detail becomes a gentle caress upon the canvas of our aspirations. Like a sculptor chiseling a masterpiece from marble, we delicately refine your features, preserving your essence while unveiling your unique elegance. Each incision and suture is a testament to the profound artistry that defines our practice.

 As we stand on the first pages of your new beginning story, let us embrace the power of transformation captured in timeless stillness. The photographic session is highly recommended, not as a mere ritual, but as a bridge between your journey and the written magnificent chapter. These photographs shall be your memoirs, a collection of moments marking your transcendence from who you were to who you have become. As an Icon, a beacon of remembrance, you can do anything.

As the shutter clicks, remember this: you are not just capturing an image but the culmination of a dream. The radiant smile that emerges from within and the renewed confidence that dances in your eyes are the new hallmark of your journey. We have etched a tale of rediscovery, self-love, and empowerment. So, embrace the lens as you have embraced the mirror of change, a testament to the beauty that was always yours to claim.

We selected Igor as our photographer and art partner for his dedication to his craft, paired care for elegance, and many solutions to document clients. From prints, books, light installations, and sculptures to his 22 years of dedication to his clientele and impeccable commitment to privacy. From documenting the C suite to CEOs and high-profile clients.

Igor transcends the ordinary cliche and delves just enough to portray his clients in a light they were unaware was ready to blossom.

As he says, those will be timeless memories to have and care for " on your walls."

Thank you.

Dr. Sieber

Plastic Surgeon


From the Photographer

Welcome to "Sculpting Dreams," where art comes to life in extraordinary ways.

As dedicated art makers, we collaborate with exceptional talents to transform their expertise into tangible masterpieces.

Our creative process goes beyond mere prints; we strive to push the boundaries of artistic expression. We bring forth an array of captivating forms through meticulous craftsmanship, from awe-inspiring light installations and striking wall sculptures to compelling ground objects and moody painted and hand-sewn books. Each piece we produce is a testament to our commitment to delivering gallery and museum-quality artwork fit for the discerning client.

But we don't stop there. We believe in enhancing the art experience through innovation. Integrating augmented reality and mixed reality technologies enables an immersive exploration of the client's lives.

Exploring latitudes provides clients with a genuinely enriched encounter, igniting conversation and discovery. Moreover, we offer the opportunity for you, documented as art, to evolve as a conversation piece that shall enchant and inspire your selected viewers.

Our dedication to aesthetic excellence is unwavering. Each meticulously crafted artwork embodies elegance and beauty, perfectly tailored to upscale you as part of your private art collection. We aim to create a lifelong memory, forging a personal connection between you and your life memory.

We are thrilled and don't take it lightly to be selected by Dr. Sieber and his team to partner in this trust-driven project.

We have 22 years of expertise and research into new ways to translate your experience. We go beyond the photos; we want to be storytellers, and we are. We appreciate your trust, and we will not disappoint you.

Thank you.

Igor Capibaribe

Principal/ Art Director