A place for those that will remain beyond the testament of time through art.

We transform their images into prints, of course, but we go beyond. We work with light installations, wall sculptures, ground objects, and painted and hand-sewn books. We give the models' fans a solid, gallery and museum-quality finish art piece, a collector's piece, so they can have it as part of their first dive or expansion into the selected group of appreciators and art as an investment form.

We will use augmented reality, mixed reality with some models, to extend the storytelling of their lives in ways fans haven't seen yet. A truly rich experience and conversation starter. Your art will talk to you, and better yet, it will be upgraded as an extended purchase from time to time.

All with the most elegant and absolutely beautiful decor-oriented pieces.

We will strive to make each piece a lifetime memory, a personal connection with your favorite model.

"The Icon" is a place for models to explore other ways to manifest their art, translated into unique objects, with their work legacy.

It's a gift to the followers, it's that extra mile we run when the audience is worth all the while.

We hope you enjoy the ever-growing gallery of stories and associated art.


Igor Capibaribe

Principal/ Art Director