KAITIE -The queen of color

Commit to the wild side


A place for those that will remain beyond the testament of time through art.

Welcome to "Icon Contemporary," where art comes to life in extraordinary ways.

As dedicated art makers, we collaborate with exceptional talents to transform their expertise into tangible masterpieces.

Our creative process goes beyond mere prints; we strive to push the boundaries of artistic expression. We bring forth an array of captivating forms through meticulous craftsmanship: from awe-inspiring light installations and striking wall sculptures to compelling ground objects and moody painted and hand-sewn books. Each piece we produce is a testament to our commitment to delivering gallery and museum-quality artwork fit for the discerning collector.

But we don't stop there. We believe in enhancing the art experience through innovation. By integrating augmented reality and mixed reality technologies, we enable an immersive exploration of the artists' lives. By delving into uncharted realms, we provide fans with a truly enriched encounter, igniting conversation and discovery. Moreover, we offer the opportunity for your art to evolve as we present exclusive upgrades for extended purchases, ensuring an ongoing relationship with your cherished piece.

Our dedication to aesthetic excellence is unwavering. Each meticulously crafted artwork embodies elegance and beauty, perfectly tailored to upscale your art collection. We aim to create a lifelong memory, forging a personal connection between you and your favorite model.

"The Icon" is a platform for models to explore new artistic avenues, translating their creative prowess into unique and captivating objects. It is our way of gifting collectors an extraordinary experience, going the extra mile to celebrate an audience that truly appreciates the value of art as an investment.

We invite you to immerse yourself in our ever-growing gallery, a collection of stories intertwined with mesmerizing art.

Discover the magic that unfolds when talent and passion converge, and allow us to guide you on this captivating artistic jour.

Thank you.

Igor Capibaribe

Principal/ Art Director